Tech Introduction to Web Development

Hi people 👋!

Welcome to Introduction to Web Development For Product People.

This is the home page of a course that introduces non-technical people to web development.

It is a course to allow product managers, designers and other non-technical people to better understand engineers.


The notes for this course are free on Gitbook 🙏.

Link to Tech Introduction Notes


The course consists on the following modules:

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Internet, servers and clients
  • Networking
  • Serverless, containers and functions
  • Introduction to databases
  • Single Page Apps
  • Design meets Frontend Development
  • Development process
  • Wrap up


The format is meant to be 5 intensive days 🚀. Mixing lectures and hands-on projects.

However, since the notes are free and public, feel free to go at your own pace.


The purpose of these notes is to help product people understand the environment, concepts and process of developing an application.


People working in the tech industry without any technical background.

Contact 🙃

If you or your company are interested in the course, feel free to contact me at "llorenc [at] gimtec [dot] io"

More about me on my Linkedin profile

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